Development Cooperation


TICAD and Botswana

TICAD stands for the Tokyo International Conference on African Development. It is an initiative of Japan that began in 1993, with a mandate of bringing together international heads of state and government to discuss a variety of subjects related to African development. Today this international conference is co-organized with the United Nations, the United Nations Development Program, the World Bank, and the African Union Commission. It is an open forum with participation from international and regional organizations, development partners, private companies, and representatives of civil society organizations.<br />Botswana was one of the few countries from which the heads of state were invited to the very first TICAD in 1993. Since then, Botswana has participated in all TICAD forums. Through TICAD process, Japan and Botswana has deepened their discussions for the betterment of the development strategy and built strong cooperative relations between the two countries with various channels such as United Nations and NGOs.

Development Cooperation Policy

Creating favourable conditions for diversification of industry as well as contributing to poverty reduction and better quality of life in Botswana are our priority areas.
A substantial part of our projects financed by the Official Development Assistance (ODA) is implemented through the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The Embassy assists in formulating the appropriate policy framework and coordinating with the Government of Botswana as well as with other development partners.

Grant Assistance for Grass-roots Human Security Projects (GGP)

The Grant Assistance for Grass-roots Human Security Projects (GGP) is a scheme for supporting people-centred relatively small projects which have a direct and immediate impact on the well-being of disadvantaged communities at a grass-roots level. The Government of Japan through the Embassy yearly invites interested non-profit organizations to apply for the GGP. GGP is commonly referred to as “KUSANONE” in Japan. “Kusa” means “grass” and “Ne” means “roots” in Japanese.
Application for the fiscal year 2024 is now open.
GGP Application: Deadline is 23rd February, 2024

You will find here information on 'Grant assistance for Cultural Grassroots Project (GCGP)' for supporting the implementation of cultural and higher education projects.