55th Anniversary Japan-Botswana Diplomatic Relations

【NEW】55th Anniversary Japan-Botswana Diplomatic Relations
The year of 2021 marks the 55th anniversary since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Botswana!
To celebrate this special year, the Embassy will be holding exciting events throughout the year. There are some events that you can participate too. Please join us in our celebration and check our website and Facebook page regularly!
【Related Events】
・March 2021       Embassy Logo and Character Competition (Ongoing)
・April 2021         100 Days Countdown Pep Rally Reception for the Tokyo Olympic Athletes
・July 2021          Batswana who studied in Japan reunite on the Star Festival, Tanabata
・August 2021      Exhibition – Variation and Autonomy
・October 2021     Photo Exhibition of Japan and Botswana (TBC)
・October 2021     55th Anniversary Reception (TBC)
・November 2021  8th annual Japan–Botswana Children’s Painting Exhibition (TBC)