Ambassador Takeda speaks on shared values of Japanese people

  • Ambassador Kozo Takeda

    Ambassador Kozo Takeda gives his speech

  • Ambassador Takeda and Attorney General Adv. Keetshabe

    Ambassador Takeda and Attorney General Adv. Keetshabe

On the 7th of June His Excellency Ambassador Kozo Takeda gave a keynote speech at the Attorney General's Chambers Annual Performance Award Ceremony.

In his speech about Japanese work ethic, Amb. Takeda told his audience on how modern Japan achieved and became an effective functional society. He emphasized that by no means does he say Japanese ways are more superior to Botswana ways. But rather, lessons learnt through experience for Japan labour force to have such a strong work ethic.

About 200 years ago Japanese people were faced with challenges of limited farm land for their rice production and a rapidly growing population. This meant that farm land could not be expanded but had to be divided amongst a larger population. As a result, farmers utilised intensive and efficient labour to increase production and accumulate wealth.

The Japanese community share common values of punctuality, diligence and perfectionism. These are evident in how their labour force is designed and embedded in their education system. From a tender age, Japanese students are taught to be diligent, punctual and accurate in everything they do. Thus, Japan education is a cornerstone for producing high calibre people with a strong work ethic.